Instructions for creating schedule:
You have clicked on PC member->Conference schedule->Finalise list of presentations.
Here all accepted papers whose presenting author has registered (and verified) are displayed.

Step 1:  You have two options:

Option 1: If you want to choose these automatically selected papers for final presentation list, just click on 'Finalise presentations' button here.

Option 2: Else, click on link to manually select papers for final presentation (Click 'here'). On this screen you can select papers you want to include in final list and click 'Finalise presentations'.

Step 2:
After that please go to Conference schedule->Create conference schedule
Enter timings per presentation, per session, time per day for sessions (excluding breaks) and click on 'Recalculate' to see how many sessions will be needed per theme.
After adjusting timings click on 'Create schedule'. Now themewise sessions will be generated and presentations will be assigned to sessions based on theme, session timings will be generated and presentation timings will be generated.

Step 3:
Then click on Conference schedule->Edit conference schedule to add venue, chairperson, change default session timings, add session breaks, tea break, lunch, etc.

Step 4:
To view/edit which presentations are assigned to which sessions, go to Conference schedule->Assign presentations to sessions

Step 5:
To change presentation timings, go to Conference schedule->Edit presentation timings