Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy

All registrants using Ivy League Conference Management (ILCM) for registering for specific conferences will be governed in general by this policy and specifically by the individual cancellation and refund policies issued by Conference Organisers.

Payment Policy

All registration fees for conferences / events managed using Ivy League Conference Management (ILCM) have to be paid either online through ILCM’s Payment Gateway Service Provider or offline, in which case payment details have to be manually entered in the system by the registrant.

Registrants facing the problem of deduction of registration fee amount (successful online payment) without getting the system payment record updated are required to submit the request for update of payment details along with invoice/transaction details separately by an email at For failed online payment, or in case your credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally over-charged, the Payment Gateway Service Provider will be responsible for making a full automatic refund of the charged / overcharged amount to your account. In the reverse scenario, if the transaction amount during payment of the registration fee happens to be less than the actual fee amount, the Payment Gateway Service Provider will debit the outstanding amount from your Payment Account and notify you of the same.

Failed and Fraudulent Transaction

ILCM will have no role in failed transactions and fraudulent use of card/net banking in any manner. Users / Registrants are advised to use their own debit/credit card/net banking. Registrants will be solely responsible for using debit/credit card & net banking for payment of registration fees. Any fraudulent transaction/attempt will attract action as per service rules and relevant section of Indian Penal Code (IPC). Registrants providing improper details will not be allowed to attend or present the conference/event and the registration fees will be forfeited.

Debit/Credit card /Net banking Transaction

The user/registrant further agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid debit/credit card / Net Banking details. In default of the above conditions, Payment Gateway Service Provider shall be entitled to recover the amount of transaction from the user against whom the credit/debit card/Net banking has been used.Further, Payment Gateway service provider/Bank also reserves the right to initiate any legal action for recovery of cost/penalty or any other punitive measure, as it may deem fit.

Cancellation Policy

Registrants are required to pay a normally NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION fee as prescribed in the respective conference registration fee details. The fee once paid will normally NOT be refunded on any account nor would this fee be held in reserve for future conferences / events.

For making online payment through Credit/Debit Card or Internet Banking, the registrants will need to pay an additional processing charge as “transaction charge” in addition to the fees.

In case of any registrant found to have paid more fee than prescribed, due to technical reason and on receiving the communication from the said applicant, the said extra payment, if found, shall be refunded by Conference Organiser to the same account from which the payment has been received.

There is no provision for cancellation and request for refund of registration fees including transaction/service charges, etc. will not be entertained in any circumstances. Any types of charge back will not be considered by the bank except in the case of failed transaction which will be settled solely by the bank with the applicants/customers.

In exceptional circumstances, cancellation of any paid registration for which payment has been successfully made and an invoice number has been generated, both the Conference Chair and our company must be notified of the same in writing – by an email at The individual conference’s cancellation policy will be applicable for determining whether cancellations will be allowed for the particular registration. The final decision for the acceptance towards such cancellation will be as per the Conference Chair’s update on the same to ILCM.

Cancellation charges: Please note that the amount of cancellation will be limited to only the registration fee amount. Online payment fees will not be refunded, payable towards online payment processing. The cancellation amount will be refunded directly by Conference Chair from the Conference account; ILCM will not be held responsible for initiating or completing any cancellation payments.

Refund Policy

In the event registration is successful but post-payment due to unexpected and extenuating circumstances, the conference event is cancelled; the individual conference’s refund policy will be applicable for determining whether refunds will be granted for the particular registration, and the time-frame for processing refunds will be determined by Conference Chair.

Cancellation charges: Please note that the amount of refund will be limited to only the registration fee amount. Online payment fees will not be refunded, payable towards online payment processing. The refund amount will be refunded directly by Conference Chair from the Conference account; ILCM will not be held responsible for initiating or completing refund payments.

It is mandatory for the users to maintain unique invoice and Transaction ID numbers, which would be provided at the time of placing a request. This number would be required to address any problems, if any.

In the majority of cases, there is NO other situation under which ILCM will provide a refund, except for the condition expressly mentioned above under Refund Policy. In exceptional circumstances, ILCM and Conference Organisers team will work with you to reach a mutually acceptable solution. ILCM intends to be objective, fair and reasonable in resolving such situations in order to maintain a positive and harmonious relationship with its users.

Refund ratio: The maximum refund amount claimable from ILCM and Conference Organisers cannot exceed the amount paid by the user as registration fees. Other specific refund ratios may be used for varying conditions of cancellation (such as 50% refund for cancellation more than 90 days before event, etc.) depending on individual conference policy. Refund ratio amounts will be calculated on basis of registration fee amount only, online payment fees will not be refundable.

No refund in any case whatsoever can be claimed from ILCM for the amount paid offline to the Conference Organisers directly by the user.