Mobile App: Enhance your event experience

In the world where a person’s day starts with a mobile phone, checking for updates and notifications, why should our businesses stay behind?
Gone are the days when people used to manage events manually, trying to guess who the speakers would be,what the topics for the sessions would be , searching for the conference venue and many more things.
There are many mobile apps downloaded on a daily basis for myriad reasons, So why not install an app for the event you are attending? This app is really helpful for the events such as Conferences,Trade Shows and Exhibitions.Just a single click away, you can have access to all the information you require for attending an event.

Here's how an Event Mobile App can help make your life a lot easier:
-Saves time and boosts Attendee counts
-Provides an amazing networking experience
-Removes the hassle of Printing agendas, etc
-Directions to the Venue
-QR code displays the delegate information
-Digital Food Coupons facility
-Delegates’ information
-Calendar of Events
-Social Media access

Ivy Event Management is one such platform which provides you with an online solution for managing your conferences. Click here to know more about the platform in detail.
It provides an unparalled ease in reaching an audience of hundreds of people. Along with our Conference platform, we provide two Mobile Apps: One for the Organizers i.e Front-desk Mobile App and the other for our Participants i.e Attendee Networking App.
Contact us for a demo and have a great experience for your next event.